Updated 03 May 2019

Respiratory therapy

These tips may come in use if you are using breathing equipment at home.

These tips may come in use if you're using COPD breathing equipment at home.

Close at hand. Try and find a place where you can leave your breathing treatment and equipment. There is little point in exhausting yourself lugging it around or packing it away each time. A small screen may hide it from view if you want to do that.

Keeping busy. Think of something non-strenuous to do while you are undergoing your breathing therapy. This could range from sitting in front of the window, listening to the radio or listening to books on tape. Get an earphone attachment if the equipment is noisy.

Timing is everything. Have a clock or a watch handy so that you can time your treatments.

Keeping it clean. It is essential that all equipment should be sterilised. Ask your doctor exactly how this should be done and stick to the instructions.

In the mists of time. If you're using a mechanical nebuliser and you feel that you're not getting enough mist, check the hose connections, as vibrations can cause these to come loose.

Pipe down. If the equipment is noisy, you will muffle much of the sound by putting the equipment on a folded newspaper or towel. Hard surfaces such as wood could increase the decibel levels.

Buy or rent? It is possible to rent some of this medical equipment. Find out what rentals cost and compare it to the cost of purchasing your own.

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