Back Pain

Preventing backache

Find out how lower back exercises, using the correct lifting techniques and maintaining a good posture can help prevent back problems. Discover remedies and treatments for existing back pain and methods that provide relief.

Can your bag cause back pain?

Handbags, school bags, laptop bags, shopping bags… We all carry a bag at some point, but have you ever stopped to consider how heavy it is and the damage it could be doing to your back?

Plan teen rugpyn

Almal wat rugpyn ken – en dit is 80 persent van ons – weet wat dit is om ontydig buite aksie en in pyn te wees. Maar die Kapenaar Victor Luies het ’n plan: terapie wat hy geïntegreerde liggaamsterapie noem en wat hom al oorsee erkenning besorg het.

4 ways to strengthen your back

In the same way that you brush your teeth to prevent getting a cavity, you can take measures to protect your back before you get hurt.

Best remedies for back pain

A whopping eight out of 10 people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. And when it strikes, all you want to do is stop the hurting and fast.

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