Posted by: Lee | 2019/08/04


Do I have allergy related ashma

I have a milk protein allergy, it isn’t severe enough for an epipen but I have some nasty reactions whenever I have anything with dairy in it. I cough uncontrollably often ended in vomiting. My chest squeezes tight and I struggle for breath. If I get a virus or a cold it takes weeks if not months to recover having an excessive amount of mucus in my chest. When I have a coughing episode I am often left lightheaded, dizzy and my chest hurts so badly. Other times when not related to allergies or a virus of sorts my breath seems to hitch a little. I will be breathing normally and then its like I stop for a second and then I breath quickly making my entire body shudder from it. I feel out of breath easily and some days struggle. I have been to doctors and they have put my symptoms down to whatever virus I might have at the time, or anxiety. Recently I have bought an apple watch and had my heart rate app open when one of these episode have happened. I was sitting on the lounge watching tv and my heart rate jumped from 73 beats a minute to 101. Then dropped to 86. I walked from the lounge to the kitchen which is only no more than five metres away my heart jumped to 153 bpm. My breathing was erratic and my chest hurt. What should I do?

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