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Is it a Rheumatology issue?

I feel like I have reached a dead end with doctors. Recently I saw a rheumatologist who treated me like a new puzzle game. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the doctors, hospitals, tests, and of CONSTANTLY being sick. I'm just so tired. I barely leave my bed now.. I just don't know what to do anymore.. Anyway, here is what is going on. Female, age 26, almost 27. Symptoms are extreme fatigue (I sleep 12-14 hours a night and still take naps), Dizziness, stiffness and joint pain (mostly in wrists/fingers and ankles/toes, but sometimes my entire body feels "tender" to the touch), swelling in hands an feet (Most of the time I can't wear "real" shoes because they are so puffy..), weakness (it's not hard to get out of bed), flushing (both face and body, and you can "write" on my skin when it happens. doctor told me it was called dermatographia), thinning hair, sun sensitivity, sometimes it's hard to breathe, weight gain, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, chronic depression, anxiety, difficulty focusing and memory problems, can't form sentences (THIS gets very frustrating), hypothyroidism, chronic migraines. On the female side of things, I take birth control to completely stop my periods because they are very heavy and I always have large blood clots, and very painful cramps. I also have chronic GI issues, I have diarhea more often than not and have been hospitalized 3 times during the last 2-3 years for unontrollable vommitting. It turned into c-diff twice due to overuse of antibiotics in the ER. Nothing was ever found out about the what or why it happened. Okay, tests! I've had lots of those. First off, blood. My platelets and white blood cells have been high since I was like 16. I have seen a hematologist, she has ruled out cancer and says it is "reactive" to whatever I have. CT of Chest and Abdomen - everything came up normal except for a cyst on the right kidney. Urinalysis - Color was Amber, Appearance was cloud, 1+ glucose, 1+ blood, wbc 3-9, mucous listed as many, bacteria was few, and amorphous crystals was many. I can't tell you how many times I've been given antibiotics because of this.. and gotten c-diff twice! I do NOT have a UTI. Ferritin test was normal, Vitamin B12 was normal, Lactate Dehydrogenase was normal,Rheumatoid Factor was NEG, ANA was also NEG, Folate was normal, SED rate was 39, C-Reactive Protein was 46, HDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides are high.. These numbers have stayed the same for 2-3 years. Tried to include as much as I can.

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Arthritis expert
- 2017/12/12

Thank you for a very complex question.

You most likely have Fibromyalgia, but the concern is that the CRP is elevated and you experience swelling of the joints.
It is possible that you may have seronegative rheumatoid arthritis or SLE and you may need a trial of Plasmaquine treatment.
Additional tests which might help include ANA and CCP.

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