05 November 2010

Global Diabetes Run/Walk 2010

To help grow awareness, Diabetes South Africa, in association with the Department of Health, are hosting a Global Diabetes Run/Walk on 6 November in Cape Town and Pretoria.


Every 10 seconds a person dies of diabetes related causes and within the same 10 seconds two people have developed the disease. Each year this adds up to more than 3 million deaths and more than 7 million new cases of diabetes.

Diabetes is a major cause of premature death and in many parts of Africa; life expectancy is reduced to a single year for a person who requires insulin to survive. Diabetes is a global epidemic with devastating human, social and economic impacts.

Today more than 245 million people live with diabetes, outnumbering the combined populations of Germany, Mexico and South Africa. Third world countries like South Africa are being hit the hardest.

To help grow awareness, Diabetes South Africa, in association with the Department of Health and a range of stakeholders will host a Global Diabetes Run/ Walk on Saturday 6th November 2010 at 08:30 in Green Point, Cape Town and at 16:00 at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria.

This year’s theme is “understand diabetes and take control”. In addition to the run/walk there will be a Health Expo, which will incorporate a handpicked selection of products, foods and exercises that can assist diabetes sufferers with the overall management of their condition. It will also educate the general public on the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle; a key element in diabetes prevention and good diabetes management.

Western Cape Health Minister encouraged people to take part in this diabetic awareness event. "The primary cause of non-communicable diseases is unhealthy lifestyles, and in particular, the excessive consumption of salt, unhealthy fats and sugar, a lack of adequate exercise and the long-term use of tobacco products. While illness is often an unavoidable affliction, wellness is to a significant extent a matter of choice. Many diseases can be avoided by eating in moderation, exercising and choosing not to smoke or drink excessively. These are often difficult choices to make, and even the best intentioned of us fail sometimes, but it is nevertheless imperative that the people of the Western Cape accept personal responsibility for behaviours that lead to injury or illness." 

A lot more interactive activities and entertainment for the whole family will be included during this year’s event.

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(Press release, Health24, November 2010)


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