24 January 2011

Fruit Pack: 100% natural fruit snack for kids

It can be a challenge to get kids to eat fruit on a daily basis. You can now ensure that they get their 5-a-day with Fruit Pack, a 100% natural fruit purée in three yummy flavours.


It’s a challenge to get kids to eat fruit on a daily basis at home or when out-and-about. Parents spend valuable time peeling, cutting, juicing and pulping fruits so they’re palatable for kids, only to throw away all the goodness once they’re full, or in most cases, put off by ageing brown apple or banana.

There’s now an easier and more convenient solution: Introducing Fruit Pack, a 100% natural fruit purée available in three exciting flavours your child will love: Awesome Apple, Apple & Pear, and Strawberry & Banana. Parents that prefer to give their kids natural foods will love Fruit Pack as it contains no added sugar, no colourants, no
flavourants and no preservatives - none of the nasty stuff, just pure fruit.

Parents don’t need to bother with messy spoons or straws as Fruit Pack is packaged in a squeezable pouch. Simply twist off the cap and serve, which means little ones can easily feed themselves whether they’re at home, at school or out-and-about. Pouches are resealable too, which allows Fruit Pack’s goodness and freshness to be enjoyed up to 24 hours later.

Daily fruit intake

Fruit Pack pouches are durable enough to be stored in a handbag, lunch box or pocket and will not spill or break unlike other messy kids foods in plastic bottles or glass jars.

“As a mother of two who’s concerned about my kids’ daily fruit intake, Fruit Pack ensures they get the benefit of at least one fruit serving when we’re time-challenged. Innovative squeezable and resealable pouches give us parents a new and fun way to deliver delicious, healthy and convenient snacks for our kids,” says Anne Keyworth, managing director of Fruit Pack.

To order Fruit Pack or find your nearest stockist visit, call 021 422 2545 or email Parents can also visit the Fruit Pack Facebook page for the latest news updates and to comment where they’d like to buy Fruit Pack.

Fruit Pack has a 12-month shelf life and is manufactured and packaged by state-of-the-art technology in Italy.
Every step of the production process complies with strict international health, safety and environmental standards as set out by the world’s leading certification body, and adheres to regulations set out by the South African Department of Health.

- (Fruit Pack press release, January 2011)


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