15 September 2009

Foodle: health and fun in a box

For the first time in South Africa, the board game Foodle is launched as the ideal entertainment platform to educate people of all ages (12 years and older) on nutrition.


For the first time in South Africa, the board game Foodle is launched as the ideal entertainment platform to educate people of all ages (12 years and older) on nutrition.

Developed, marketed and sold exclusively by the entrepreneur husband and wife team of Eddie and Annalien Turner of Funkey Health CC, Foodle is available in both English and Afrikaans versions. Annalien, a registered dietician who works in the pharmaceutical industry (and also holds a BCom Marketing Honours degree), says it all started in April 2007 while she was on maternity leave.

“As a family, and with my background, we’ve always been passionate about a healthy lifestyle. It was while reading a book on entrepreneurship during this time that the idea of a board game came to me – an ideal way to educate people on nutrition while at the same time stimulating most of the senses in an attractive and fun way.”

After discussing the idea with her husband (who also holds a doctors degree in theology and is a chartered accountant), there was no stopping the team. After months of development, getting family and friends involved, followed by experts in the nutrition industry, the final product is now ready and can be ordered online.

Foodle consists of a board, unique die (ranging from zero to three), character pieces and questions (ranging from simple to challenging to difficult, depending on where you land on the board).

Additionally, “Funkey Monkey” cards are also part of the fun, as the card will either provide a bonus (for example, moving a couple of places forward on the board as “you climbed the stairs instead of taking an elevator”) or a penalty if you didn't make a healthy choice according to the card. In addition, you can be rewarded during the Foodle game when you drink a glass of water.

Peer-reviewed by expert panel
Foodle has also been peer reviewed by an expert panel. The panel members include respected and experienced dieticians at different academic levels. Five hundred questions without their sources were provided to the expert panel. It was up to the panel to search for the source and make recommendations on the correctness of the answers, as necessary.

The content is built on current scientific evidence. After the initial 500 questions were approved, a final 300 were selected for the final product.

Questions in the game are based on a broad range of topics, including antioxidants, starch and carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit, protein, fats and oils, dairy, calcium, iron, myths, fads, diets, important measurements, and more.

Foodle can be played at home, in a class room, with patient support groups or even at corporate settings with 2 – 24 players. It can be used to play just for fun with family and friends, after a lecture, to educate or as a team building event.

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