17 August 2011

Community parenting indaba

Young Mom Support, together with The Parent Centre, hosts a community event where families can come together and discuss their experiences of parenting in the extended family.


It takes a village : parenting across the generations

Young Mom Support, in association with The Parent Centre, is proud to host a community event where families can come together and discuss their experiences of parenting in the extended family.

The traditional nuclear family is changing: mom, dad and 2 children are no longer the norm. Today, a family may be made up of a single parent and children, a grandmother and grandchildren, young siblings living together, a teen mom living with her parents, or even 3 full generations of family living under one roof.

Living with extended family can be challenging, as each member comes to terms with their role in the family; trying to find their place, not step on anyone’s toes, find a moment of privacy. For grandparents in the extended family, it might be difficult to take a step back, to not “interfere” in the way their children raise their own children. To realize that different parenting styles are not necessarily “wrong” – to let go, and let their children take ultimate responsibility for the little ones. Or they might feel taken advantage of - a permanent, convenient babysitter and provider.

For parents, whether teen parents or not – living with their own parents while raising their children can feel daunting – they may feel like they are being scrutinized or judged for not doing things the same way their parents did. There may be the temptation to leave the hard work up to granny – especially if granny is ready and willing to take over the role.

For all the challenges, extended family is important and living together can certainly be managed successfully to the benefit of all.

Having small children around keeps the grandparents feeling young, involved, valued. For parents, there is security in knowing that there is always an extra pair of eyes and hands around when they can’t be there for some reason. Having the voice of experience close by when you’re feeling overwhelmed as a parent can be invaluable. Children learn to get along with all ages of people, to be considerate of every family member’s differing needs, and that they are always safe and loved by so many. Closer families are stronger families.

It can be done! But how? Let’s talk about it.

Parents, grandparents, teen parents and interested community members are welcome, free of charge, to join us and our guest speaker Fouzia Ryklief for a workshop and discussion. Space is limited!

Where: Fish Hoek Methodist Church Hall, 1st Avenue, Fish Hoek

When: Saturday 27 August, 11am

For more information, please contact:

Tracy Engelbrecht Cell 0729863105



Please contact the hosts for more information or to book your spot.

There is no charge for the event, but space is limited




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