25 June 2018

Going for an op? See what your anaesthetist is really doing

When going in for surgery, some instances require going under general anaesthesia, but often we just think it's a gas we breathe in and that's all it is. An expert shows how it is not all that simple.

When being put under general anaesthesia, we occasionally think it's a simple process of counting backwards from 10 and that we're just breathing in some laughing gas to knock us out for a brief moment in time.

An expert in the field of anaesthesiology explained, step-by-step, what goes on when putting a patient under general anaesthetic and it turned out to be much more complex than expected.

From checking if it's the correct patient and it's the correct surgery scheduled to making sure the patient is properly anaesthetise and making sure the patient's vital signs are good, along with making sure the patient won't wake up — this team of anaesthiology experts show the intricate details they need to pay attention to each time a patient needs to be put under general anaesthetic.