The equipment

Learn more about anaesthetic equipment including the anaesthetic circuit, ventilators and the gas delivery system that enable complex surgeries to take place daily without excruciating pain and distress to the patients.

The equipment - the ventilator

Because anaesthetic agents depress breathing and muscle relaxants paralyse breathing, it is often necessary to use a ventilator to take over breathing for the patient.

The equipment - the anaesthetic circuit

This contains a series of corrugated tubes, a valve through which gas can escape from the circuit, and a bag that the anaesthesiologist uses to manually ventilate the patient’s lungs when necessary.

The equipment - the monitor screen

On top of the anaesthetic machine or built into it is the anaesthetic monitor. This is like a computer screen, and the most up-to-date models have a colour display.

The anaesthetic record

Even though all the readings of the patient’s vital signs are displayed on the monitor, your anaesthesiologist will keep a written record of these at 5-minute intervals.

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