Why does a person experience muscle pains after an operation?

If the muscle relaxant scoline has been used this may cause you to have generalised aches and pains in your muscles for two to three days. This drug is not used routinely and is saved for special situations when the anaesthetist needs to intubate very quickly. These pains, called scoline pains, are more prevalent in very muscular and fit patients.

Why is starvation important?

One of the risks of an anaesthetic is that stomach contents can be regurgitated or that there may be vomiting, and your lungs will be contaminated with stomach contents.

What is conscious sedation?

This is a very light form of anaesthesia where the patient does not even lose consciousness and is used for procedures such as gastroscopies.

Is anaesthesia really safe?

Modern anaesthesia has become a very safe procedure, considerably safer than travelling in your motorcar.

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