About anaesthesia

Conscious sedation

This is a very light form of anaesthesia where the patient does not even lose consciousness.

What is anaesthesia?

“Anaesthesia” means without feeling, and is what is necessary when someone has to undergo a surgical operation or some other painful procedure on the body. “Analgesia” means without pain.

A general anaesthetic

General anaesthesia consists of three parts: narcosis, analgesia and muscle relaxation.

Is anaesthesia safe?

Modern anaesthesia has become a very safe procedure, considerably safer than travelling in your car.

’n Dag in die lewe van ’n narkotiseur

’n Narkotiseur se werk is om pasiënte na die skadugebied tussen lewe en dood te bring en weer veilig terug. Dis gevaarlike en delikate werk en dinge kan dramaties skeefloop. Dis hoekom daar in dié beroep geen plek vir foute of eiewaan is nie.

Epidural and spinal anaesthesia

Local anaesthetic applied to the space around the spinal cord (an epidural) or injected into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord (a spinal) will anaesthetise a large area of the lower body depending on how much is injected and where it is injected.

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