What is anaemia? Find information on anaemia symptoms, treatment and prevention as well as details on common risk factors and causes of anaemia.

What is anaemia?

Anaemia is defined by a reduction in one or more of the major measurements of red blood cells. Learn more about this fairly common condition.

Risk factors for anaemia

Risk factors differ for the different types of anaemia. Children, women of child-bearing age and older adults are at increased risk for iron-deficiency anaemia.

How is anaemia treated?

The most important aspect of treatment is for the underlying cause to be identified and managed.

The different types of anaemia

In order to better understand anaemia, and how it will be treated, it’s important to learn more about the different types.

What causes anaemia?

A number of factors determine the efficiency of iron absorption and certain medical conditions may interfere with this process.

How is anaemia diagnosed?

To diagnose anaemia, your doctor will do a physical examination, review your medical history, and ask you about your risk factors and symptoms.

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