Updated 14 February 2019

Up to 16 hours of pain relief for back pain

SPONSORED: ThermaCare® Back Pain Therapy for lower back and hip

Often the underlying cause of back pain is tight muscles.

ThermaCare® Heat patches are clinically proven to provide up to 16 hours of relief.

That’s 8 hours while you wear it and up to 8 hours after you take it off.4

  • Patented heat cell technology delivers heat that penetrates deep into muscle tissue
  • Specially designed to fit your back and hip area
  • Thin enough to wear discreetly under clothing
  • Allows you to continue your daily activity while delivering therapeutic heat

Directions for use:
Once the packaging is opened and the heat patch is exposed to oxygen the heat cells will activate immediately.

The heat cells will gradually increase in temperature and reach the desired therapeutic temperature of 40 degrees within 30 minutes.2,3

The heat patch will keep this consistent low level temperature for 8 hours while you wear it.  After 8 hours you can remove the patch and you will experience up to an additional 8 hours of pain relief.4

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