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Aquagenic Uticaria

I react to the following: Hot and cold water, Shower or bath Swimming pools Sea water Fresh Water (Rivers, Farm) Sweat Reaction: Small welts about 2-3mm in diamiter surrounded by red skin Extremely itchy in such a way that I can't continue to shower due to the severity. 5 - 10cm apart on most reactive area fades after 30 minutes to an hour Reaction area: Started Upper back and Chest mostly Now it is upper arms with fewer on the lower arms Lower back en stomach area is having a mild reaction as well

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This is a form of Physical Urticaria called Cholinergic Urticaria. Sudden temperature changes of the skin cause the release of histamine from Mast Cells and the reaction usually persists for less than one hour. The way forward would be to avoid any rapid temperature changes in the skin, or if a reaction is anticipated,then to take an antihistamine such as Texa 10 about 30 minutes before exposure.

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Posted by: Oupa | 2017/11/14

I suffer from the thing two. After researching and reading on the internet I found there are ways to avoid the pain. Try these and tell us if they work: 1. ENDORPHINS: Endogeneous opioid neuropeptides: INTHIS CASE: 2. FOR THE PREVENTION OF THE SYMPTOPMS OF AQUAGENIC UTICARIA Classes: 1) ?-endorphin 2) ß-endorphin 3) ?-endorphin 4) s-endorphin 5) ?-neo-endorphin 6) ß-neo-endorphin 2.1 Naturally available precursors/predecessors for neurotransmitters - St John’s wort (It reacts with some medicines, also available as ointment, tablet Has: 1) hypericin 2) hyperforin 3) flavonoids I take 1 pill on Mondays and one on Thursdays. These are precursors to neurotransmitters Neurotransmitters cause the brain, pituitary, hypothalamus and spinal column to release endorphins Neurotransmitters e.g. 1) Serotonin 2) Dopamine 3) Norepinephrine 4) Anandamine 2.2 Dark Chocolate, I have tried but it looks like it works slowly and a large amount of chocolate is required 2.3 Gingseng, I take one pill on Tuesdays and Fridays 2.4 Vanilla, I have not tried 3. Now that you have taken precursors you need them to use them to be converted into neurotransmitters and get the brain to produce endorphins. You do this by (before taking a shower or bath): 3.1 Exercise o Endorphin levels may take an hour or two to increase in plasma after exercise (I find that at least 10 minutes of exercise, just to break the sweat works; I immediately go into the shower) o Morphin may take 3 days to 3 weeks to get out of body, even 90 days to get out of hair 3.2 Chew Chillies Has: 1) Capcaicin, a precursor to neurotransmitters (Do not swallow, it’ll damage the digestive tract lining, chew in pieces one to four chillies fine and spit out after finely chewing each piece. Chew for at least three minutes before taking a shower 3.3 Sex Have sex and take a shower immediately after (I find I may take a shower without pain even 12 hr after) Opioid Antagonists used in treatment of Depersonalisation/ Derealisation Disorder: o Naloxone o Naltrexone 4. Drug patents which mimic Endorphins/ neurotransmitters o PONDERA ENDOPHINATE o DLPA o PRO-ENDORPHIN RELEASE o BETAPHINE

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