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I have animal and food allergies

Hi Dr I have numerous allergies : My IgE report showed I'm allergic to the following - Animal Dander ,House Dust Mix ,Molds Mix ,Tree Pollen ,Weed Mix ,Grass Mix. My IgG report also showed I'm allergic to a lot of food mainly the following : Soya, Gluten , Milk (Cow, Goat and sheep), Wheat ,Casein ,Oats ,Egg white ,Peanut ,Sunflower seed I'm constantly struggling with headaches, can't sleep at night because my nose is always blocked, fatigue and my bones are always sore. I have been to numerous dr's all just saying there is nothing they can do about the allergies. My question is also should I be tested to see if there is a immunodeficiency seeing that I have so much allergies and I always get sick if I get in contact with someone who is sick or not? Thanks

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IgE allergy tests are accurate, and indicative of allergies to pollen, moulds, animal danders and dust mites. This is most probably the cause of your allergic rhinitis and headaches. Nasal steroid says and drops such as Betnesol and Flixonase nasules may be needed in your case. The IgG food intolerance tests are another story. They are promoted as food intolerance tests, but in fact are highly inaccurate. We actually develop IgG antibodies to foods we tolerate, so they are a measure of food tolerance and not intolerance. No-one seems to have the conviction or courage to put a stop to these IgG tests being promoted.  Contact the Allergy Society of SA (ALLSA) and Allergy Foundation of SA (AFSA) if you wish to get more details. 

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Posted by: Cassi Monroe, Allergy Nurse | 2019/01/11

You may consider undergoing immunotherapy (allergy shots) for inhalant triggers. As for food allergies/intolerance you may consider removing 1 at a time from your diet for 2 weeks (every form of that ingredient) see how you feel. Then after 2 week period eat a ton of that ingredient x 3 days. See what symptoms return. Then you will know how that particular food affects you. Then you can decide whether it is worth eating it or not and will know your outcome. It may not kill you but it could make you MISERABLE nonetheless. I recommend this to many of our patients that have cow allergy. Cow protein is similar enough to goat protein that both are considered in the same group. You must remove every form of these ingredients for true test. No dairy, no cow meat, no goat milk or cheese. Also consider inflaming foods such as dairy and wheat. These can cause pain in the body. In addition, research ORAL ALLERGY SYNDROME. When certain pollen(s) are in bloom certain fruits and vegetables may cross react with that pollen and cause increased allergy symptoms. I am an allergy nurse because I suffer from inhalant and food allergies.

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