31 October 2011

Addiction FAQs: alcohol

Of all the legal addictions (food, shopping, gambling, smoking, alcohol), alcoholism is easily the most destructive - the Addictions expert answers some questions about alcholism.

Of all the "legal" addictions (food, shopping, gambling, smoking, alcohol), alcoholism is easily the most destructive in the way it impacts families, the workplace, health and the death toll on South Africa's roads.  The Addictions expert answers some alcoholism questions.

I know that I occasionally have too much alcohol. I don't think I am an alcoholic though. I will have a few glasses of light wine during the week, which I may add makes me feel dreadful in the mornings yet I still do it! Over the weekend I will drink a load more and feel even worse in the mornings and I can't keep any appointments because I feel so awful. I don't have to drink alcohol, but I am surrounded with people that do. I can go for days without alcohol if I try really hard, but after about a week I am back to drinking a couple of glasses again.  Then I feel that I have let myself down and terribly remorseful about it. I personally think that it is a form of punishment to myself as it does nothing for me and yet I still do it. I know the answer is just to stop, but you would probably say that if I don't have the willpower to stop doing on my own then I am probably and alcoholic. Is there some kind of mindset that I can form to stop myself from giving in every time?


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