21 November 2017

This healthy food might actually be causing your acne

Is your post-workout routine actually wrecking your skin?

Here at Women’s Health, we know all about the benefits of protein powder.

It can help you lose weight and build muscle, while also being a great way to add protein to nearly every meal (even dessert!).

But US WH beauty director Maura Lynch recently learnt a surprising downside of the stuff from dermatologist Dr Mona Gohara.

Here’s the scoop:

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“Dr Gohara and her colleagues are anecdotally seeing an uptick in acne among women who drink shakes and smoothies spiked with whey protein.

“There is some research to back it up; one study followed 30 participants on a daily whey regimen for two months and found that female subjects were most susceptible to breakouts. The thinking is that whey upregulates our androgenic hormones, such as testosterone, more than men’s, spurring excess sebum production.

“It also causes an increase in the amount of insulin growth factor our bodies produce, triggering more oil production.

“So what’s the solution? Easy. Switch to a pea protein powder in your drink, like Health Connection Pea Protien Isolate [R148,], and you’ll pack the same punch, minus the inflammatory reaction.”

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