Myths and facts

Find acne myths and facts including information on acne and your diet, acne and chocolate, and how exercise can induce acne.

Acne and chocolate

There are lots of tough things about being a teen. One of the worst is acne. On top of the embarrassment you feel, you're told to lay off all those fried foods and chocolate.

Acne and your diet

Chocolates, fatty foods, refined sugars and starches have all been blamed for causing acne. What are the nutrition myths associated with acne? And are there any diet solutions?

You and sports-induced acne

Yes, there is a type of acne that is induced by sports participation. It is called acne mechanica, and it is caused by heat, pressure and repetitive frictional rubbing.

Smoking and acne

Tobacco, while deteriorating the appearance of the skin over a period of time, in itself does not seem to cause acne.

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