Posted by: Cartoonz | 2009/03/15


school wants my 10yr old on retallin

my son' s school wants him on retallin, He doesn' t need it and I refuse to put him on it, he is very bright, brilliant at maths and does really well at school, he has been assessed by the school and by another Occupational therapist and I got 2 very conflicting reports. My son has concentration issues and battles to start and complete tasks, that' s all..he has no agression and is not extremely overimpulsive. Someone has suggested i take him for relaxation sessions, for his concentration, has anyone tried this and do you think it may work?

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Dear Cartoonz,
I cannot comment on the relaxation sessions as I have not had the opportunity to witness the effects on concentration. However, should you attempt this route, I would greatly appreciate your experiences and thoughts. On the subject of the school wanting your child on Ritalin - and I am likely to upset some people here - they can want till the cows come home. The school as an institution has no legal right to demand, or even suggest, a child be put on Ritalin. If he has the concentration problem you say, this certainly must be addressed as soon as possible as the chances of it improving on its own are very slim. There are small changes the teacher can make to assist him, such as making sure he sits in the front of the class. There are natural products which claim to improve concentration, if you would rather go this route (products include EyeQ, Biostrath and ADDvance). I do suggest you speak to your GP or paediatrician to get his/her opinion. I know it is costly, but a third assessment by an independent practitioner may give you more peace of mind, and/or a more conclusive report to give to the school.
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Posted by: Liela | 2009/03/24

So encouraging to hear from other moms in the same situation - my son, also 10 years old, started Concerta today for the first time - I postponed giving him medications since grade 0 but with all his teachers in grade 4 complaining about his lack of concentration and not completing his work I decided it is time to help him - I am however very unsure about this! He is very clever in maths and learns quickly if I take the book and help him - not on his own! I can'  wait to see him later and hear how he feels!

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Posted by: Murtle | 2009/03/18

Best of luck. Just remember he might come home at first and complain of stomach ache this is normal does diappear eventually. Also he might suffer from lack of appetite so make sure he has a good breakfast in the morning.

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Posted by: Kay | 2009/03/18

Wow thanks for the answers you gave to Cartoonz. It has also been a struggle for me and a journey for my son who is now in Grade 2 but has been suggested by teachers since the beginning of Grade 1 to try Ritalin. I tried IQ Chews and took him to the paediatrician and nothing seemed to help him. yesterday the doctor eventually after months of me saying i will never do it put him on Ritalin. Today is his first time taking the medication and my stomach is in knots - i think a mother knows when something is right and i know that my son is exceptionally clever yet never finishes his work and seems to always have to stay in second break just to finish as his concentration is terrible. I also know that he cant help it and really want to see if he gets better. I know that his self confidence is starting to lag as he is forever getting into trouble for daydreaming and such. In any case thank you for putting my mind at ease it is always wonderful to hear mothers with real life experiences.

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Posted by: Murtle | 2009/03/16

First take him for another assessment. Try all the necessary routes (homeopathic etc). I also had the same story with my son. He is ADD not ADHD. Tried everything eventually had to put him on Ritalin. Helped him tremendously. But you must be happy try and get to a solution as soon as possible. Because it doesnt get better on its own. Especially when they get to the older grades and the work overwhelms them.

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Posted by: Me2 | 2009/03/16

Don' t let the school pressurize you into putting your child on Ritalin - they are just looking for an easy solution. Try everything you can first - but just keep an open mind and try find the best solution for your son. I was anti Ritalin when my son started having concentration problems in grade one and I sent him for all assessments including a neurologist. He did not have behavioural problems or hyper active - was brilliant at maths - but he just couldn' t concentrate. Along the way I asked each specialists opinion on Ritalin. Eventually, the principal called me as they were concerned about his education. The consensus from the specialitsts was that - Ritalin will only work if prescribed for the RIGHT problem and at the RIGHT dosage! It works immediately - you don' t have to wait days or weeks for a result. So after a long and expensive battle - I decided to give Ritalin a try. I can' t describe how proud he was of himself because he had managed to finish his work for the first time and when I asked him if the medicine made him feel sick or funny his response was " I think the medicine gave my brain energy to think" . .......................
This was eight years ago..

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