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Lost in ADD- world!

It is with red eyes that I write 2 u,desperate...My son (7) had good results on Ritalin in school.Took him of 4 2 weeks, worried about not being able 2 sleep, nose bleeds only at night, loss of appetite, irritable and emotional after 4pm. After 1 day realised he does need medication- changed 2 Concerta 36mg, now using 2 months. Using Biostrath, Wise-up and Melotone Syrip(Sporttron) every day! He had occupational therapy for 1 year age 4. He can be is such a good boy , but battle so much with school. Since beginning of year been 2 eye specialist, audiologist, educational psychologist, pediatrition-ADD, psychiatrist...! Physicaly all normal, but still the problem with schoolwork. I am considering moving him to a private English school, as we are Afrikaans and he is in a Afr. goverment school.(We stay in Kzn, travelling far to the only Afr school). I' m so scared this will be the wrong move, he is happy in his school and he' s got a groot teacher! In your opinion, will I confuse him even more? Excuse long letter, thanx 4 yr time!

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Dear Tears of dispare,
I can hear you have tried everything possible for your son and only want what is best for him. Changing schools can be a very difficult time for both parent and child. On the one hand you want your child to be in the best environment possible, yet on the other you do not wish to move him from his friends. I wonder why, if he has a good teacher and is happy at the school, you are considering moving him? Is it purely the distance? If so, moving to a closer school can have the benefits of a slightly later start to the morning as well as being less rushed. Another point to consider is which school will understand him and his difficulties better? It is very important that he be supported and encouraged rather than made to feel that he is not as clever as others in his class.
I hope this gives you some answers.
Best wishes.

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Posted by: Nadia | 2009/06/17

Please advise what I can give my daughter as I am a woried parent

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Posted by: star | 2009/06/15

effacts of add?

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Posted by: Lost in ADD- world | 2008/11/09

Dear Expert,dislecsic and Meg!

Thanks 4 all yr input, do appreciate it a lot and will explore all yr suggestions! Thanks 4 taking time 2 read and answer! Kind regards.

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Posted by: Lost in ADD world | 2008/11/09

Dear dislecsic and M

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Posted by: Meg | 2008/10/17

I felt like you do a few months ago after going from specialist to specialist vut am happy to say that am finally seeing light at the end of my tunnel.
Have you checked his sensory system with a specialist? I highly recommend ILT programme. A normal audiologist never picked up that my son has hypersensittive hearing in his rt ear and this is one of the main reasons why he has very low concentration. It' s so often sensory that the specialist said that out of 100 kids she sees with ADD/ADHD, 98 of them have sensory issues that can be resolved through therapy. Good luck!

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Posted by: Dislecsic | 2008/10/15


If they found nothing wrong could it be that he is dislecsic and purely irratable because he does not understand why others can do something that he can not. He will find ways and means to get by but will stuggle untill he is propperly diagnosed. He will lose intrest in things if he struggle he might not be add and only hyperactive with dislectia - im talking from experiance
Just a thought

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