Posted by: Tayba | 2008/07/01


distracted son 10

Hi, my son aged 10 is not managing at school he sits and daydreams doesn't complete homework nor class tasks spends unltd time on trivial things viz trying to sellotape a ruler together. He has a vast general knowledge and when a subject esp. sciences are discussed pays attention. Loves national geographic and is able to sit and master a video game asap however takes forever to complete a chore ie.drying the dishes or tidying his bedroom. He often stands up in the middle of the night to come to our room and then returns to his or creeps in behind his dad. He is always seeking affirmation of love, wants to hug and kiss most of the time.He has had a terrible result in his last report and urgently needs assistance. Please could I get some feedback and guidance urgently.Many thanks

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Have you visited your GP with your concerns? A GP can refer you to a specialist s/he feels will best be able to further assist you. Unfortunately, with the information you have provided and without a medical history I cannot make a diagnosis.

Your son sounds very bright and I can only imagine your frustration seeing him not using his full potential. If he is diagnosed as ADHD there are a few treatment options open you, medication and a change of diet being two very common ones. However, if you are not necessarily interested in a diagnosis but would like to tackle the symptoms you mentioned, you may wish to try an alternative treatment such as Dore.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: Tayba | 2008/07/07

Thank you to both the parents that replied it is good to know that one is not alone I have taken my son to a psychologist specialising in school and education concerns and hope that the assessment can add more insight to his behaviour and interesting observation is that it is not alway ad/hd that our kids have but a myriad of similar disorders, so may I suggest to all out there rather to get your kid assessed so that a more accurate analysis can be made. I have also put him on a combination of Biostrath syrup and IQ tablets and he is not as fidgety anymore but its still early days but I was advised that the combination would make a difference and because they both natural the harm side effects are not a concern. I was told at the pharmacy that the IQ tablets are a natural alternative to kids on ritolin so its with the shot.

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Posted by: Lizelle | 2008/07/03

My son is 5 and some of the stuff both of you mention above is stuff that my son also does. I've been having problems at the creche (on and off) where they complain that he does not listen or takes over the class etc, so I've decided that I am first going to start checking the food labels and not buy anything that contains the preservatives/colourants which they say should be avoided in hyperactive/ADD/ADHD kids, and take it from there. I've started checking some of the stuff at home, and you will not believe how many of the things we buy contains one or other of the preservatives/colourants which we should avoid. It is going to be a mission, but if I can avoid my son being diagnosed with ADD and put on Ritalin, I will. I am planning to put him in big school next year starting Grade R.

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Posted by: NERISHA | 2008/07/02

I have the exact same problem with my son who happens to be a year younger than your son. He is the oldest of my 3 kids and my only son. He will not fall off to sleep in his own room, but in mine and once he is asleep we put him in his own bed. He also get highly upset when i show affection to my hubby. He has also had a very poor report last term and as i have mentioned does exactly the same stuff as your son. I have made an appointment with a paediatrician as i think he is ADD/ADHD.

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