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My daughter has been diagoned as being ADHD, by a Physiologist,

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Dear Desperate Mom,
There are no scans as such used to diagnose ADHD; certain scans can show which areas of the brain are active during a certain activity. These scans sometimes show different active areas in people with ADHD and those without. The only medical practitioners who can diagnose ADHD are psychologists, neurologists and paediatricians; a neurologist can turn out to be the more expensive route. There are a number of alternatives to Ritalin: Concerta and Strattera are the most common, and can have similar side effects to Ritalin. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing if your daughter will suffer from these beforehand. There are a number of natural products out there such as ADDvance, Biostrath and EyeQ, but there is no guarantee that these will have the desired effects. I cannot stress often enough how important it is that you seek an holistic approach; medication is not the only avenue to ADHD, behavioral therapies, psychotherapy sessions and educational assistance is crucial.
All the best.

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Posted by: Lilly | 2009/03/21

Ritallin - NO NEVER! That was my reaction when my son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 4! He' s extremely intellegent and I think that worsened his whole condition, because there' s so much that his able to do, but ADHD had a negative affect on all things! I chose to use Strattera, because it works for 24 hours and not just, 4, 8 or 12 and because it' s not a stimulating drug, meaning the side affects is almost zero!! Just like other medicine for ADHD it only started like 4 weeks after he started using it. He was a total different child since the strattera started to work. We noticed that his concentration is still not what it was suppose to be, so we tried Bio-Strath. PHEW! We almost died, he got so hyper-active and wanted to clomb out the walls, just trying to get rid of whatever' s making him feel so crazy! We stopped that and went back to the doctor. We ended up giving him 40mg Strattera each day. Strattera is terribly expensive, but it worked for y son, he ended up being the top student in his class at the end of last year! I' m so proud of him! As time went past, Strattera lost it grip on my son! We were back at square one! Why? Well after using Strattera for almost 2 years, his body got used to it! We were terrified, what now? The doctor told us that we should try the Ritallin Capsules in the morning and Risperdal Tablets in the evenings with ADDvance during the day! He explained to us that the Ritallin that had the terrible side affects are the injected ones and that Ritallin in time changed so much to avoid those " side-affects" . We were crushed, because we know all the bad things that Ritallin does and don' t forgt the fact that it makes your child " dumb and numb" ! Today I say WHATEVER to that statement! My son is almost a month or just over a month on Ritallin and he' s his teacher' s best pupil! At home he' s wonderful, playing, communicating and interacting on a whole different level! He actually talks long interesting dialogues and I can see who my osn is. He and I recognise his " likes"  and " dislike"  in life - He is turning into an " indavidual" . Funny thing is, on Strattera he lost his appetite in full, but know he actually eats and enjoy eating. I' m upset that world always have to give a person such a wrong interpretation about many things in this life and at the end you find out, that it all was so unesseccary. Remember, you can always just try something different, even if it is Ritallin, but the choice is yours if you want to continue with it or not! Today, I can go to restaurants, shops and even see a movie with my son, because I know he can behave and still be a child! Thank you Ritallin for making my life joyfull again! To all the parents out there, God' s strength and good luck!

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Posted by: Hopeful | 2009/03/20

My 6 year old son has been diagnosed with ADD / ADHD.
We started with behaviourial therapies (psychological sessions, OT, Speech therapy) about 7 weeks ago and the change has been great.
However his teacher is saying that it is just not enough for him to focus at the level they expect in grade 1. And we are now sitting in a position as to what to do next. Do we give the alternative therapies more time? What is a decent time to give them?
We are now forced to consider introducing medication as the last thing we want is for our son to suffer emotionally and academically.
We are also against ritalin etc
He is already on an the Revite omega3& 6 supplement and I am now going to start EyeQ to see if that will help over the next couple of weeks.
We have given ourselves another 5 weeks to see if the behaviourial therapies &  EyeQ will be enough.
I have also found a product called Listol from the USA. Anyone heard of it? and does it work?

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Posted by: B | 2009/02/28

I know what u r going thru. My 11yr daughter is absolutely wonderful at home, but HATES school and achieves average to below marks. She finds it boring but does well in subjects she enjoys.
An educational phys suggested she has a " mild'  form of ADD (according to the teachers input) and maybe I should consider a 2 week trial as she has been tested and is in fact an above average child not achieving her true potential. She needs to focus. I refuse to put her on Retalin, reading what the side effects are! How can one put an innocent child on drugs so she can focus in a disruprive noisy class environment compared to a quiet home? Can anyone out there suggest an alternative that works?

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