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Good morning,
My son aged 9 has been diagnosed with ADD (he doesnt have any hyperactivity).He has been going to a school that specifically deals with kids that are ADD and ADHD. What i want to know is, is ritalin and these other prescription medicines only for kids that have the hyperactivity, because he doesnt have that. What is normally recommended for a child that has concentration problems? Iv started him on an Omega 3 supplement,that suppose to help specifically with concentration.His been on it for about a month now-Im waiting to see the reults.Is a mere supplement ok, or is there presciption medicines specifically for concentration only?Iv just got his school report and his marks from last term to this term have dropped quite badly, that he actually failed his maths.Maths has always been his worst and Im just not seeing and improvement.Please help

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Dear Lesley,
Ritalin is intended to improve concentration, a decrease in hyperactivity is often noticed in those with ADHD as the child is better able to focus on the task at hand and exclude other stimuli. Ritalin, Concerta and Strattera are the most common medications for treating difficulties in concentration. Whether a supplement is enough or not I cannot guarantee: some children respond very well to products like Biostrath or Eye-Q (high Omega 3 and 6 supplements), while others do not. It may take up to 3 months to see a difference with supplements; if you do not notice a significant improvement please seek the advice of your paediatrician or GP, preferably in conjunction with the medical professional who diagnosed your son.
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Posted by: Eric | 2009/06/29

Meds like Ritalin etc are for the inattention i.e: lack of concentration. These kids and adults are constantly being distracted by the slightest thing.

An illustration of this is if you were trying to watch a specific programme on TV and an invisible person had the remote and kept on flipping around the channels you would not be able to concentrate on what you wanted to. Thats what the mind of someone with ADD or ADHD is like  constantly never able to stay on a topic or subject for very long and they have no control over this.

I was told under no uncertain terms that I could do better at school but would' nt. This was very wrong  it was not because I would' nt do what the teachers wanted  it was because I could' nt do what they wanted me to do at school - even if I wanted to.

Meds like Ritalin help kids focus, concentrate and stay on task. It goes without saying then that he should be able to learn and improve and gain confidence in his own ability etc. if his dosage is correct etc.

I read a true story of a doctor who was treating a young boy for the first time with Ritalin for ADD/ADHD. The doctor asked him if he could describe what the difference is like being on the meds. He said the best way he could describe it is before the meds he had a lot of beautiful butterflies flying around in his head and he could never catch them  but since he started the meds he could now catch them...

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