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My son has a concentration problem

He is only 8 years old born premature and only speaking for the past four years now with thanks to his speech therapist. He is easily distracted when doing anything. He gets bored and starts to do funny things with his hands or make dragon or dinosaur sounds. He loves dragons and dinosaurs , he has a collection of them. His teacher says that he respond when asked any questions , basically he can master on oral testing but the very same test in paper he cannot do. He would probably get five of the questions right out of the twelve. We have tried diets and even taken him to a psychologist who says he is ADHD has a low concentration level and can manage in a mainstream school.We then taken him to a GP and he was put on Concerta 18mg but still not helping with his concentration at school. We have now taken him to a paediatric specialist and also to a paediatric neurologist and all test including his EEG has come clear. His paediatric specialist has now increased his Concerta to 36mg but I think it is too strong for him. I don't want him to be dependant on this pill , as is he gets up for school every morning and takes it on his own because he feels that he wont be a good boy if he doesn't take it. We thought that he was not made for school so we should rather home school him which I am totally against we discussed this with him but he had a talk with his teacher and we were called in to school for a teacher parent discussion and was told that he is not happy with home schooling , his exacts words to us that day was he wants a normal school and being at home studying will not get him friends and also he wants to become an archaeologist and studying at home wont allow him to. Any advice from parents with similar issues are welcome. Regards Dad

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ADHD Expert
- 2019/04/07

If your son receives the necessary support he needs (in terms of medication, therapy, and learner support), I would also recommend that you do try to keep him in mainstream education. I would suggest that you perhaps discuss with his therapist how you, as parent, can best support him.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2019/04/02

Hi there, I'm no psychiatrist nor am I a parent. But I am an adult who dealt with a similar problem. First of all, i want to commend you for caring so dearly for your son and looking for answers. Second, i hope this is not offensive but i think your son may possibly be a touch on the autism spectrum. But clearly very very high functioning. My parents tried to get me diagnosed with ADHD after teachers begged them to help me. I had severe issues keeping my mouth in line, keeping my impulses to myself and with (of course) concentration. I either hyper-focused so hard that nobody could shake me away from my activities or i couldn't focus at all. Unfortunately after the lady that was supposed to assess me did not show up, my parents gave up on diagnosing me and left me to suffer on my own with my schoolwork. They refused to put me on meds and could not afford a therapist/psychiatrist. I suffered through school, i got bullied for my impulsive behavior and i was constantly in the principal's office for being a goof and an accidental troublemaker. This lasted well until my teens and made me super depressed at one point. What i found to help me was a good and sound routine (made by myself). When it was homework time: i'd get home, go to the bathroom and then straight to it, no playing! I'd get my after school snack/drink, 4 pencils sharpened (it had to be even numbered), an eraser and a quiet area to think. Now i had to stop and focus. No radio, computer, phone or tv on anywhere near me. 15-30 minutes of hard homework at a time because that was as long as i could do before wondering why the popcorn ceilings in this angle seemed to look like a turtle.. OH look an elephant shape too! (see what i'm saying?). Now i would take out my sketchbook for a half hour and draw. Get my mind activated. Maybe go play ball with the dog for a bit. Now back inside to do my homework... i'd be tired at this point so i should be less fidget-prone. And it worked. i slowly added more time to my homework from 30 minutes to 50min to an hour and so on as i got better. I went from having D/F grades to being an Honor Roll student in high school. Hopefully this helps him or you out. Every kid is different. Work with him on a schedule when he gets home. Ask the teachers to co-operate as well. If i had had my parents helping me when i was dealing with this, i would have been better way faster. It took me over 10 years on my own. When discipline and focus is exercised on a child at home, it will follow them to school and later on to work. Wishing you and your son all the good luck and happiness!

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