Posted by: Tam | 2018/02/16


Contramyl XR vs. Concerta

I am wandering if you perhaps have any patient feedback or experience in prescribing the new generic extended release methylphenidate, Contramyl XR, which has recently launched on the SA market. I requested my psychiatrist to prescribe me Contramyl XR 54mg this month instead of my usual prescription for Concerta 54mg. I was curious to see if this new generic is indeed a viable alternative to Concerta, as Concerta is becoming quite costly. My psychiatrist was aware of this new generic but she has never prescribed it before. I just took my first Contramyl XR tablet, but am very curious regarding the release mechanism that the tablet uses. I am familiar with Concerta's OROS mechanism, but am just curious to see if you know exactly what release mechanism has been adopted by Mylan for the Contramyl XR tablet as the tablet is structurally completely different from the Concerta tablet. I have tried to do some of my own research but can't seem to find anything with details on Contramyl XR's release mechanism. Thanks in advance for any information! :)

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ADHD Expert
- 2018/02/19

Contramyl XR's release mechanism is based on MUPS technology (i.e. different "beads" of short acting and long acting methylphenidate. In order to be considered a "generic", there has to be bio-equivalence - which there indeed is. Some patients in my practice has opted to switch to Contramyl XR, or to initiate on it, while others remain on/ choose to initiate Concerta XR. Both are good products from good pharmaceutical companies. 

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/05/21

I used Concerta 27 for many years. It was expensive and not payable by my (then) medical aid. Recently I learnt that the patent for Concerta had expired and there is now a generic, namely Neucon 27. I have started using Neucon27 and feel it has the same effect as Concerta27 had. Have a look at for the specifications, etc.

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Posted by: AlphA | 2018/05/19

I switched my daugter over to Contramyl XR (54mg). She has been on Concerta for a few years. I realise that due the slow release effect of Concerta, it can by no means be split or divided. The whole tablet has to be swallowed in the mornings. Now I would like to ask if the status quo remains with Contramyl too. The reason for my asking is that I noticed that the tablet seems to be 'cheaply' made in the sense that it splits up by itself - lengthwise. You can see the 'insides' of the tablet where the slit runs through. Will it influence the working of the tablets? And will it still have a slow release of the medication or will it give a unhealthy shot of it early morning? Please advise because it doesn't seem right at all. I would have included a photo of the splitting if this forum supported it. If anyone would like to see it, I'll be more than happy to send a photo if you could provide me with your email address.

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Posted by: Dave | 2018/05/15

Both work very well as they are actually the same product, made in the same lab under same restriction. Concerta don't have the license to have the monopoly anymore hence cheaper meds

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Posted by: Dave | 2018/05/15

Been on concerta 54mg from introduction and there is absolutely no difference in efficiency and there is another brand out which i have tried which is just as effective and i am extremely particular with my adhd meds and i have no problems and the cost saving is huge. Just hate instant release ritalin.

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Posted by: Contramyl | 2018/05/13

Hi. My son is on 18mg concerta and was advised by the pharmacist that they now have a generic. However, the contramyl 18mg does not work. He has mood swings, has severe attitude etc which he never had. I feel it gives him a complete New side which he is normally not like that. I will stick to the concerta.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/04/11

Hi I just tried it and Concerta is more effective for me.

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Posted by: Andrew | 2018/04/11

Is there a difference in effectiveness? I take 38mgs of Concerta, would 38mgs of Contramyl be just as effective.

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Posted by: Marcel | 2018/04/06

Can Contramyl be split in 2?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/05/22

Yes... i take the 36mg and i split it in 2.. first dose at 7am then the second at 9am... this more or less simulates the OROS release method of concerta. But remember that what works for one person does not necessarily work for others..

Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/04/03

My daughter is on concerta 27mg i recently tried the generic but i found she doesn't stop eating. What could the reason be for this ? We use it for Narcolepsy.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/03/29

My daughter's doctor does not recommend it but says she is more than happy for her to use the 'Newcon' generic made by Janssen as well... Not sure why but will see. I did try her on the Contramyl for a month and she didn't do as well on it? Hoping the new generic will work because it is getting expensive on Concerta.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/03/28

Why does it say antidepressant under psychoanaleptics on the contramyl XR

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/03/23

As an adult recently prescribed Concerta for ADD, I have tried Concerta 27mg and Contramyl 27mg. I’m sticking to the Contramyl as it a) seems to give me less of the ‘racing heart' feeling and b) is about a third cheaper (although by no means cheap!) I also don’t feel as jumpy at night as I did with the Concerta. I don’t know if all this is psychosomatic or not, but it’s my perceived experience so far.

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Posted by: Dr Theunissen | 2018/03/10

It does not work I have seen total failure in 2 patients who have tried it

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Posted by: Allen | 2018/05/08

You right doc .....concerta more effective

Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/03/09

I am trying Contramyl for the first time and took it this morning. I have such a splitting headache and dizzy. Has anyone else reported a severe headache on this medication?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/02/27

good day, so would you advise someone to switch to Contramyl or stay on Conserta? Aged 8 years? I feel that there is a difference in my son since switching. May it just be my imagination or does the OROS effect that is not in the generic really make that big of a difference?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/05/22

Absolutely.. yes.. For cost reasons i moved to contramyl... but got a 100% dose all at once... Ive decided to split it up into 2 and that helps quite a bit... remember its still however not for everyone. i Preferred the OROS delivery over all.. and much better i think for children

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