Posted by: JM | 2012/11/30


8 year old - ADD - dont want her on medication

After 5 months of therapy, audio assesment and OT assesment, it has been suggested my daughter is ADD and in need of Ritalin.

She doesnt do badly at school, and her reading/spelling is one of the top of her class. Her problem is social - and with her concentration. She also gets anxious.

I monitor what I put in her lunch box - she gets diluted fruit juice (which she hardly ever drinks), yoghurt, breakfast bar, fruit and nuts/biltong. She is not a great eater at the best of times.

She goes to bed no problem and sleeps well (11hours a night on average)

I''ve changed my REACTION to circumstances that are seen to me (now) as ADD - for eg. ''go brush your teeth and make your bed"  - 2 mins later she has forgotten I''ve asked her to do this and we have an argument (now that I understand she is ''possibly'' ADD - I reaction differently - I give her ONE TASK at a time).

What can I give her that is natural and over the counter, to help with concentration. I''m dead against medication.

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Dear JM,

Your pharmacist will be able to recommend some products; however, the most common supplements are ADDvance, Biostrath and EyeQ. I cannot comment on which is better as everyone reacts differently to the supplements.

Kind regards,

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Posted by: Henry | 2012/12/06

You people must be really gullible buying all these rubbish supplements that are just a complete waste of time and money. NONE of them have been proven to work and the manufacturers are just taking advantage of your uncertainty and your fears around really effective medications like Ritalin. It has actually been proven that Ritalin and other medications helps turn around countless kids lives for the better and gives them a real advantage in life. Ultimately you have responsibility for your child and to give them what is best for them. If you don''t - and deny your child what will really help them then you will see your results in a few years...but then it will be too late and the damage will be done.

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Posted by: JM | 2012/12/05

I had my daughter checked out for any auditory problems, and she was given the clear. I''ve heard about EYEQ and will give them a try. I''ve got her on a star chart reward system, and so far it seems to be working.

Thanks for commenting Mommy.

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Posted by: Mommy | 2012/12/05

I went through the same thing this year with my 9 year old daughter, but she has a hearing problem and the school and psychologist wanted her to go on ritalin. I flatly refused. I had her tested by a speech therapist and her auditory skill were far behind. She then went for speech therapy. I also put her on EyeQ (not the chewables) - they can already swallow pills, so I would rather suggest the normal ones that you swallow. You take 6 per day for 3 months and after that 2 per day. I also had her taking extra maths classes. She absolutely excelled the last quarter. I am so glad that I followed my motherly instincts and did not put her on ritalin. I would suggest you also use some sort of program where you incentifies her for good behaviour or finishing tasks quickly. That really helped a lot for me.

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Posted by: JM | 2012/12/04

Thanks so much for your reply Delia, I actually bought ADDVANCE on Friday, ( it says chewable - but really its like a blob of rubber!) - so she''s refusing to take it. I will look at the others and give them a try. I''ve done some research on " 10 steps before Ritalin"  and see the first important factor is hydration - something which my daughter simply refuses - she doesnt drink a drop of fluids during the day - something I''m working on!

Many thanks

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