30 October 2019

3 things you need to know ahead of deciding on a medical scheme for the new year

Being informed can make finding the best medical scheme fit for you so much easier.

Choosing a medical scheme, and the best option for you, can be tricky. Here are three things you need to know – it could influence the direction you take.

Who can be a dependant on my medical scheme?

Every principal scheme member has the right to register dependants, some of them at reduced rates. So who can and can't you register?

If you are the principal (main) member of your medical scheme, you may register dependants, who will also be beneficiaries on your scheme. On some options and schemes, beneficiaries pay a reduced rate. Adult dependants usually pay more than child dependants.


All you need to know about waiting periods on your medical scheme

A waiting period refers to a set time when you have to pay contributions, but cannot access some of the benefits on your medical scheme.

When you join a scheme for the first time, there are only two types of waiting periods which are applied – and sometimes there are none at all. Here's what you need to know.


10 quick questions on designated service providers (DSPs)

All medical scheme members will, sooner or later come across the term Designated Service Provider (DSP). Knowing what it means can save you a lot of money.

A DSP can be a doctor, a pharmacist, a hospital or any other registered healthcare provider that is the first choice of your medical scheme.


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