Updated 17 February 2013

Momentum declared top administrator

Momentum has been announced as winner of the 9th Annual PMR National Administrators' survey.


Momentum has been announced as winner of the 9th Annual PMR National Administrators’ survey.

Having obtained a mean score of 4.13 out of a possible 5.00, Momentum was judged based on interviews with a random sample of 135 human resource directors, managers and senior managers dealing directly with employee medical aids, conducted by PMR during October, November and December 2011.The interviews were carried out telephonically, utilising semi-structured questionnaires, with back-checks conducted at all stages of the fieldwork, response coding, data capture and analysis.

“Through top quality service delivery and unfailing back-office support, Momentum has helped the Scheme deliver the level of client satisfaction that has lead to our great recent performance in surveys and competitions of this nature,” says Damian McHugh, Head of Marketing and Sales for Momentum Health. “These service levels continue improving, as can be seen from the fact that our customer satisfaction index has returned a satisfaction level in excess of 90% since June 2011 (a record seven consecutive months). This accomplishment would not have been possible without the diligent efforts and dedication of our staff. This accolade provides an invaluable basis from which to continue growing our member base, and to continue meeting and exceeding the expectations of our existing members.”

Largest healthcare administrator in SA

Combined Momentum and Metropolitan Health Group represent the largest healthcare administrator in South Africa. Since the merger of Momentum and Metropolitan, the two healthcare administrators have been consolidating their resources and adopting best practice principles from each other to bring about a consistent, market-leading client experience that would compare favourably with the best in the world.

In terms of Momentum Health specifically, 2011 has shown continued membership growth, with principal members having increased to 93 092 over the course of the past year. What makes this achievement even more significant is the fact that the average age of members continued to decrease from 43.3 to 42.8, placing the Scheme amongst the youngest in the industry and, accordingly, very favourably positioned to meet the needs of all its members now and well into the future. At present, new members joining the Scheme have an average age of 35, which also bodes very well for sustainability going forward. The Scheme furthermore boasts an A+ rating from the independent Global Credit Rating Agency, underlining its strong claims paying ability.

The introduction of product design enhancements, specifically its current provider choice model, has enabled Momentum Health to save its members more than R500-million over the past 24 months. In addition, the Scheme’s exposure to Momentum’s groundbreaking HealthReturns programme, allowing members to earn up to R5 400 a year, and enhancements to complementary products like the HealthSaver, played a strong role in boosting client satisfaction to the positive levels reflected in surveys like the afore-mentioned.

Provider choices sets the trend

Innovative product design, financial austerity measures and the nature of its product philosophy have contributed to Momentum Health being ideally positioned in the fast-changing South African healthcare arena. Whilst it aimed to keep its product design by and large unchanged, the Scheme has added a new trauma benefit for 2012 that will cover certain day-to-day benefits that form part of the recovery following specific traumatic events, such as conditions resulting from near drowning, poisoning, severe allergic reaction, external and internal head injuries, burns and post traumatic stress events.

Momentum Health’s provider choice model is also continuing to set the trend, with more than two thirds of all the families on its Custom, Incentive and Extender options choosing to take advantage of savings engineered through affordable provider choices.

“Healthcare consumers want solutions that suit their unique needs, not products designed for general population groupings,” says Damian McHugh, Head of Marketing and Sales for Momentum Health. “Flexible complementary products, like Momentum’s HealthSaver, have a very prominent role to play in supplementing access to private healthcare cover, as it covers any services rendered by a registered healthcare provider, including treatment that is excluded by the Scheme. HealthSaver’s popularity stems from the fact that it can be applied to engineer cover that fits every family on an individual level. One size does not fit all and it is through the recognition of this “value of choice” approach that Momentum Health will continue to excel in 2012.”

(Press release, Momentum Health, February 2012)