13 October 2010

Choice, flexibility, value for money

Momentum Health will be entering 2011 as a strong, stable and secure medical scheme with many special features on offer to its membership base.


At a media briefing Anthon Swart Chief Executive Officer of Momentum Medical Scheme Administrators (MMSA), said that Momentum Health will be entering 2011 as a strong, stable and secure medical scheme with many special features on offer to its membership base.

He added that an average increase of 7.9% on total contributions attested to the fact that the scheme would continue to provide its members with affordable access to healthcare and scheme benefits that are well aligned to that of the industry in 2011.

Elaborating on some of the leading-edge cost-saving options and choices available from the scheme, Lee-Ann Du Toit, Chief Marketing Officer of MSSA added that the new 2011 products and benefit options featured an array of supplementary offerings aimed at enhancing the overall member experience. "Momentum Health’s continued ‘Value of Choice’ innovations have proven highly successful, particularly when its favourable membership profile is considered – a factor that positively impacts a scheme’s ongoing sustainability."

"In 2011 we are aligning ourselves more closely to the benefit options of the industry in general while continuing to provide considerable choice through our extensive associated service provider base. We will at the same time be taking tried and tested service mechanisms such as HealthReturns, Health Saver and Mobicard to a brand new more exciting level," promises Du Toit

"Who says that you cannot have fun while staying fit and healthy or that you should not be using your medical scheme to its full potential to improve your quality of life and wellbeing? By the same token – who is to say that you should not be getting something back by looking after yourself?" she asks.

The scheme prides itself on six unique selling points that distinguish it from others in the industry:

  • Provider choices - enabling savings on contributions through selection of associated provider groups;
  • Health Platform - paying for preventative/screening care and maternity-related benefits without impacting savings and day-to-day benefits;
  • Mobicard - mobile application to access membership information
  • Multiply - Momentum’s loyalty and wellness programme Health Saver which enable members to tailor day-to-day funding to their individual needs;
  • The Momentum HealthReturns Programme - rewards members with money back in their pockets (HealthReturns) for taking care of their health and being active.

New from HealthReturns in 2011

In 2009 the scheme added a new value-add innovation to its product portfolio. The HealthReturns Programme affords members the opportunity to earn HealthReturns of up to R1 800 per year for taking ownership of their health. To date this Momentum initiative is ‘one of a kind’ in the industry.

The rationale behind the HealthReturns concept is to assist members in identifying any chronic conditions timeously and ensure proper control and management thereof. A chronic condition such as hypertension can easily cost up to seven times more if not controlled through proper medication and lifestyle.

As Du Toit points out, "Momentum’s HealthReturns has proven to be a win-win solution for both the scheme and members. The scheme manages to contain its healthcare expenditure whilst members improve their health and receive a monetary reward for doing so."

"Due to its popularity, HealthReturns will become more accessible and easier to attain for members of Momentum Health come 2011. Members will also no longer have to wait a full year before being able to earn financial rewards," promises Lee-Ann du Toit. "Instead of annual payments they will receive quarterly payments of as much as R450 every three months. This benefit is available to all Momentum health members at no additional cost.

A further enhancement is a fitness test as an alternative means to qualify for HealthReturns. "We are therefore now catering for all forms of activity - not only gym and sports associated – through encouraging the wearing of a pedometer," Du Toit explains. "HealthReturns will always be calculated on the highest of the three measures thereby allowing members to participate in more than one of the three measures.

And if that is not enough, Momentum Health members who also belong to Multiply (Momentum’s wellness programme) can earn double HealthReturns if they reach the top two activity levels. For a principal member and spouse that can equate to as much as R7 200 per year back in their pockets."

Health Saver –"the glue that binds it all"

The Health Saver is a savings vehicle offered by Momentum that enables Momentum Health members to choose the exact level of day-to-day healthcare funding suited to their specific needs. In 2011Momentum Health Saver is taken to a new dimension as it becomes the "glue that binds" Momentum Health’s benefit and service innovations. Du Toit explains that considerable consumer research has revealed the many different requirements of members in terms of healthcare savings levels and their use. "A 'one size fits all' approach is definitely not what is required.

"Instead of restricting members to a fixed level of medical savings, Health Saver becomes the portal that enables access to greater healthcare spending. Simply put, we are once again putting choice in the hands of our members so that they can decide for themselves how much they need to spend and on what."

"With the Health Saver administration fee removed in 2011 and the fact that HealthReturns can be paid directly into the Health Saver, members can actually increase their spending without it costing them money. We have made the Health Saver free because we have ascertained the need among consumers to have more funding available for day-to-day healthcare costs, such as visits to the dentist and optometrist."

Mobisite – bringing the value of choice to the fingertips

Without doubt MobiCard, a digital member card for cellular phones, has made the lives of many members and healthcare providers easier. However, limited applications and the fact that it did not work on all cellular telephones has created a need for further innovation in the shape of Momentum Health’s brand new Mobisite development which is taking mobile healthcare functionality to the next level."

"Just imagine that you are searching for a specialist, but don’t only get a name and address, but an actual map of how to find him. What could be better, easier and less stressful," asks Du Toit. The new mobile site also assists with a typical medical scheme services such as pre-authorisations, the checking of benefits, Health Assessment results and a reminder of when the next one is due, accumulated HealthReturns, Health Saver balances, the payment of recent claims and much more.

Enter the new 'thinking' medical scheme member

Momentum has known for some time that it was on the right track with its approach to product innovation and development as it had captured the attention of a new, vibrant membership base in recent years.

Some of the factors that have made the Momentum Health medical aid particularly attractive to members include its competitive pricing strategy, its carefully designed product offering and above all, its "Value of Choice" proposition to members that represents the core of its brand and encapsulates what the scheme stands for.

"Basically our core driver is to optimally cater for the unique and diverse needs of the healthcare consumer and most specifically our own clients. While we simply concentrated on giving members what they wanted instead of what the market stipulated they needed, the results have been great for the scheme and its membership base.

The proof lies in a membership profile that features a healthier, more involved member who fully interacts with the scheme and is not averse to embracing technology to make life easier. In the process members and providers are happy, claims are down, as is non-healthcare expenditure," concludes Du Toit.

Looking ahead, and in view of the good track record and anticipated growth prospects of Momentum Health, it is not difficult to see why this medical aid continues to instil trust and security among consumers and stakeholders alike.

(Momentum Health, October 2010)


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