25 September 2019

Advertorial: Medshield Medical Scheme protects your health today and every day

Medshield has a range of medical cover benefit options designed to suit different individuals and families’ health, lifestyle and financial needs.

Life is lived in the now. Every happy moment, thrilling experience and proud achievement takes place in the present, not the future.

The same goes for life’s unexpected medical emergencies. They happen today and often when you least expect.

The people at Medshield Medical Scheme, people like you, understand this reality, which is why they work to ensure a healthier you is maintained today, and for every today after that.

With that in mind, Medshield has a range of medical cover benefit options designed to suit different individuals and families’ health, lifestyle and financial needs. Cover for now, care for life!

Each plan delivers the ideal balance between affordability, high quality of care and convenient access to healthcare when you require it the most - right now. 

Dependant on the plan, members are covered for in-hospital care, treatments and procedures; out-patient care; major medical emergencies; chronic medication;  maternity and post-birth benefits; family practitioner visits; optical and dental benefits; specialists; radiology and pathology treatments and more.

Whatever the need, Medshield has a plan in place to ensure your well-being is never at risk when life throws a curveball your way.

What makes Medshield stand apart is its partnership with select providers and networks to ensure that your healthcare expenses remain contained. Through this, you are not liable for any unforeseen co-payments and your disposable income does not shrink due to unplanned healthcare expenses.

As a result, there is no settling for mediocre medical care and you have access to the best doctors, nurses and hospitals around the country.

 A good life starts with good health today. Medshield recognises this, which is why we strive to ensure that South Africans have access to affordable, quality private healthcare when they need it most. Long-term health is reliant on cover that takes care of the right now and right here. With this philosophy in practice, we lower the risk of experiencing greater illnesses later in life and safeguard the future health of all our members,said Thoneshan Naidoo, Principal Officer of Medshield.

Living life to the fullest comes from the peace of mind in knowing that today is taken care of. With Medshield, your now is always protected. And as each tomorrow becomes today, you can smile and relax because your overall well-being is in the trusted hands of a medical cover partner that recognises that securing your future, means protecting your present. 

Go to or call 086 000 2120 for quality healthcare and peace of mind today. 


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