Updated 25 September 2019

Fifty and fabulous!

They’re smart and forward-looking; they’ve found their second wind! There’s something newly cool about turning 50.

If you’re rapidly approaching the dreaded five-oh, or if, shock and horror, you’ve already passed it and are acutely aware that the “yesterdays” outnumber the “tomorrows” – take courage, fifty-somethings, because you could be described as quintastic.

This tongue-in-cheek expression is an informal way of describing a person, fifty or older, who has retained their good looks and the capacity to lead a life which is equally, if not more successful than it was in the “first half”. They’ve had children, friends, lovers, husbands and divorces; they’ve had bosses psychiatrists, cats, dogs and headaches aplenty. BUT, somehow they forgot to get old.

They’re smart and forward looking; they’ve found their second wind! There’s something newly cool about turning 50.

If you had your way and your health, what age would you like to be for the rest of your life? According to a recent poll done in The United States, based on the average: five-oh! Half a century, or to put it another way, two and a halftimes older – and wiser – than Miley Cyrus!

Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, George Clooney and Johnny Depp are no spring chickens, but they are some of entertainment's most sought-after stars, perhaps suggesting that fifty is the new thirty. Yes, fifty being the new thirty would be particularly true for those who can afford good health care or have access to good health care. Because of this, people are staying healthier for longer, and lives are starting later due to longer education times and difficulty finding jobs. People are settling down into careers in their mid to late twenties instead of earlier, making traditionally older ages, like 50, feel younger.

What are the perks of reaching the half-century mark?

- You have wisdom. Fifty years in, you know who you are and what you want, personally and professionally.

- You have freedom. Many parents who turn 50 are finding themselves with an empty nest. You now have the opportunity to plan your days instead of being a taxi service, maid, chef, laundress and general manager. It’s all about you now!

- You have courage. This is the decade to go for it. Travel and experience life!

- You have the opportunity to see your kids turn into really cool people. After all the years of worrying, it is an amazing thing to see them become people you actually like and admire.

- You can embrace your quirkiness and let your creativity flow. Hoarding and collecting cats, however, will make you seem crazy, so stick to the tamer side of weird.

- You’ve thankfully stopped caring so much what others think of you. You’re less critical about yourself.

- You sleep less and can therefore do more. Studies found that people need less sleep as they age, leaving them with plenty of time to go for a run, work on a project or do anything else your twenty somethings aren’t doing while sleeping an extra seven hours a week.

- You can age however gracefully you like. Embrace and flaunt being fifty. But, if the crow’s feet or other signs of fifty years well-lived bother you, there are more options than ever before to do something about it, with fewer stigmas attached. Making use of minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures such as Botox, chemical peels or Fillers, have reached an all- time high.

- You’re your own meteorologist. Doctors are coming around to the fact that achy joints can predict coming rain. Those with arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or nerve damage in the knees, elbows or other joints, can indeed feel ambient changes.

Pretty good stuff, right? Age is just a number. Fifty-year-olds are happier, fitter and more successful than ever before!