Updated 18 August 2016

International #missingtype campaign: WPBTS needs more blood donors

The #missingtype campaign aims to make the public aware of the Western Province blood transfusion service's constant need for blood donors.


During the week of 15 to 21 August 2016, the Western Province Blood Transfusion Services (WPBTS) will be participating with 21 countries in an international awareness campaign to encourage more people to register as blood donors and donate blood

Altruism of thousands

The campaign asks brands to show their support by dropping the letter A, O and B from their names.

The WPBTS relies on the altruism of thousands of blood donors to ensure it continually has stocks of the correct blood type to help treat critically ill patients. In the Western Cape alone the Service must collect 700 units of blood daily to meet the need of patients.

Big brands such as Nandos UK as well as local organisations such as The Desmond Tutu foundation are showing their support.


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