Updated 06 June 2014

Blood donation: what users say

We asked our users whether or not they donated blood, and what their reasons were. Here's what they had to say.

Every day, thousands of people would die if others did not donate their blood. It only takes about 30 minutes to donate blood and yet people come up with many excuses why they cannot do so.

We asked our users if they donated blood and if not, what their reasons are. Here’s what they had to say.

Siphosethu Ndlela: I have always wanted to be a donor since the age of 16 but have always been told that my veins are too thin which has just made me feel bad because the nurses tell me my veins will grow but will they ever?

Anonymous: Because it would cost R320 to get a letter from my GP and because our precious blood is used to save criminals. If I could specify who gets my blood it would be worth the cost.

Anonymous: I do no blood (or organ) donor things and never have. To me it is like being a cannibal. I believe when it is time to go - it is time to go irrespective because we all have a time allotted and by artificial means being kept alive (even with the given and receiving of blood products) is polluting the balance of things.

Ameena Hendricks: I am a blood donor and proud to be one! Saving lives is one of the greatest gifts you can do for someone! I have a son, if something should ever happen to him I would want a donor to help him.  I am terrified of needles, but I know it’s for a good cause.

Nocolene Vercuiel: I’m a donor since I was 18. I get very sick and normally faint but at the end it is worth it giving someone a chance. Next it to donate my organs.

Want to donate blood?

Check out the SANBS directory to find a blood donor centre near you. You can also SMS your NAME and POSTAL CODE of the area you live in to 31454 to receive the details of your nearest centre.

If you live in the Western Cape you can visit the WP Blood Transfusion Service's website to locate your nearest centre.

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Are you a blood donor or not? Email us and tell us why. You could be published on Health24.


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