Updated 16 May 2017

A reloving conversation between you and your body

As women we tend to overexert ourselves in our everyday lives, pushing our bodies and minds to the brink in the pursuit of perfection. Whether it be work, kids or relationships, we often neglect our own well-being while attempting to be Superwoman.


“Mad busy” and “completely manic” are often answers we hear, and give, when questioned about our own welfare. Sometimes all it takes to get peace of mind it is to pause, breathe and let your body speak.

We try so hard to live up to society’s expectations of beauty, attempting to fit ourselves into a mould without realising how beautiful we actually are. You’re stunning, you just need to give yourself time to see it.

We are told so often to cater to our partners, submitting to their needs without recognising and fulfilling our own. Give and receive love, but don’t forget to love yourself first.

Every woman deserves to be happy, to feel beautiful and loved and have a wonderful, fulfilling relationship with herself. Zyora has been working to uplift women, urging them to realize their full potential while fostering a healthy connection with their bodies and minds. Zyora has a range of supplements that are created for women to improve wellness and nutrition, helping you to live your best life.


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