27 June 2012

What women say about sex

Most women want it and enjoy it, say the results of the latest Women’s Health/Men’s Health Sex Survey.


Most women want it and enjoy it, say the results of the latest Women’s Health/Men’s Health Sex Survey.

Having polled1 457 online survey participants, here’s what the latest Women’s Health/Men’s Health Sex Survey found when it came to women’s attitudes and beliefs about sex.

The majority of women (86.3%) want sex regularly.

Once a week (9.8%), two or three times a week (52.5%) or daily (16.1%) or more (7.9%).  Women who are living with their partner, but not married to them, were the least likely to want to have sex two to three times a week (ie most regularly).

However, this dropped from 90.6% women in 2011 (ie women want sex less regularly than last year). Their biggest complaint was that they don’t have enough sex (46,8% agreed with this)

We’re an active bunch, us South Africans .  Around 50% of both men and women only need 15 mins or less till they are ready to “go” again!

Good news! A whopping 72.4% are happy with their sex lives

Of these 41.8% said they were “fully fulfilled” (or more than fulfilled) with their sex lives.  Of these, the happiest were those dating followed by those living with a partner. The least happy were single and married women.

They’re waiting longer before having sex with a new partner

The majority (26.6%) said they only had sex with a partner after several months of dating. This was up 19% from 2011. A further 22% said they waited till after a month of dating. Only 5.3% had sex on the first date.

What’s your magic number?

The number of sexual partners you have had can be an issue with your current partner. Our survey showed that:

  • Most women have had two or three sexual partners (22.9%) A drop of 9.9% from 2011.
  • A further 17% had only had one (same as 2011).
  • 16% had had between 4 or 5
  • 19.4% had had more than eight
  • The average number of sexual partners married women have had is one.
  • 17% of single women have had between 16+ or 40+ partners.
  • 29.9% of women had lied to a partner about this number.

But there’s still room for improvement

The worst mistakes a partner could make in bed were “rushes foreplay” (51.8%), “trying too hard to please me” (29.5%) and “Not communicating enough” (27.6%). The results were the same in 2011.  These results were consistent for women whether they were single, dating, married or other.

All about the Big O

One in two (51%) of women say they orgasm once during sex, while 1 in 10 say they never do (11.7%). A further 23,7% say they orgasm twice and a staggering 12,1% say three times or more! Women “dating casually” were the most likely to not experience orgasm.

  • The majority of women (65,3%) said it was not important to them to achieve orgasm during sex (“I enjoy sex, whatever way it ends”).
  • Clitoral stimulation by him was most likely to bring her to orgasm (followed by vagina sex and oral sex).
  • The worst mistake men gave while giving oral sex was “being too rough”.
  • One in 4 women complained that his beard/hair irritated them while receiving oral sex.


  • 39,4% of women said there are sexual things they would like to try but were too afraid to ask their partner for.
  • The top five of these were: Costumes/role play, toys, porn with a partner, sex with another woman and watching each other masturbate.
  • 46.0% of women have watched porn with a partner.
  • 24,7% said they had engaged in a sexual activity that they didn’t want to.


  • 33.4% of women had not found, or were not sure if they had found, their G-spot.
  • Those “dating casually” were least likely to have discovered their G-spot.
  • The majority of women (23,6%) masturbate less than once a month.
  • 31% have had sex with a co-worker.
  • 8,5% have had sex with a neighbour.
  • 10,2% have had sex with a boss.
  • 3,2% have had sex with a doctor.
  • Women are most likely to have sex in the bedroom followed by a couch/chair, bathroom, and floor.
  • 25,3% have had sex in a parked car and 21,4% have had sex outdoors in the past year.
  • 48,6% of women have used alcohol to enhance sex. 11,5% have also used recreational drugs.
  • Women are most likely to fantasise about their current partner, followed by friends and past lovers.
  • The majority of women (80,3%) think about sex once or twice a day.

Safe sex

  • 39,4% of women said they never use a condom. 26,2% of these were “single” or “dating casually”.
  • 75,2% of women said, “I don’t like using condoms, but know I need to protect myself”.
  • 87,5% of women believe in monogamy and have one sexual partner at a time. (This was down from 90,1% in 2011).
  • In a new relationship 41,4% of women say they always ask their partner to have an HIV test.

Tech and sex

  • 27,9% of women had been filmed or photographed performing a sexual act and “found it a turn-on”. 7% had, but without their consent.
  • 19,6% of women have used a social network to initiate a sexual encounter.
  • 70,4% of women agree that flirting online is cheating.
  • 62,9% have taken a sex pic of themselves and sent it to a partner.

Read more about the survey results in the latest issue of Men's Health and  Women’s Health, on sale now.

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