Updated 18 September 2013

What our users are talking about- part 3

Health24’s users are keeping the healthy lifestyle conversations alive by interacting with us daily. This is what they say:

As the winter nights are fast approaching, so are the growing issues our users talk about on a daily basis. From our natural body rhythms, comments on how long weekends should be, to the much needed exercise we need. Health24’s users are keeping the healthy lifestyle conversations alive by interacting with us daily. This is what they say:

On exercise

Spookie: I am feeling exactly like you and your mom!  Even feeling bit feverish I will still attend my boot camp-class! Then also I have 3 buddies I am running with.

One is 30 years, the other one 36 years and my bests buddy is 58 – me the elders but enjoys the fitness (63years) of age – my friend of 58 had breast cancer – needless to say that this sickness aged her body but she won’t stop doing any exercise and I just love to run with and support her!

The girls in the boot camp classes are more less the eldest maybe 40 years! I am so proud that I can keep up with these youngsters

Running is my passion for the last 18 years – tender age of 42 started running and my first Comrades at the age of 49 of which I did 8 but can proudly show off with 7 bronze medals!

When exercising on a daily basis, one is so much healthier, happier, smiley-face and can take all nonsense which comes you way!  Hands up for exercising!

On natural rhythms

Pieter: Yes it’s true. Your body can just take what normally have to take and must take care of it. Just like a car that can’t start without petrol.

I am in that category (50) where your body feels tired normally at the lower back. I wake-up in the morning @ 03:45 and go to sleep at 10:30 at night.

Health 24’s Facebook page :

Money for people or animals?

Leon: People can mostly take care of themselves and animals can’t, and what they give back is unconditional love, that should be answer enough!

Jaie: While animals may seem helpless , they have survived for centuries , as humanity n let us cultivte a society of beings who respect animals , but not before cultivating a society which respects and takes care of others less fortunate , be it in your family or neighbour, then less money is needed in the rescue operation of both animals and people .

Music preference

Medi: Pop music and Bollywood especially! Love it!

Charlie: Deep house music plus t good 4 d heart.

Siphosethu: Rap of course whoever says that’s not music is just delusional

On how long weekends should be

Sandy: If it were up to me there'd be no such thing as weekends (which I don't even get) if it were up to me I’d have enough money in the bank 2 never have to work again in my life.

Charles: Two days, possibly a different two.

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