Updated 20 March 2015

What Health24 users say about health

After engaging with our users many voiced their opinions on our articles, some shared their stories and opinions on health.


After engaging with our users many voiced their opinions on our articles, some shared their stories. Whether it was home remedies for heartburn, to personal stories on why they went and got a piercing. Here is what our Health24 users are talking about.

On world population

 “The world is sitting on a time bomb, science is talking about the population explosion which is going to have a major effect on the resources, the planet can only handle 500 hundred million people, 6,5 billion are actually redundant people including myself. The message is not getting to the masses eventually it will be too late,” says Roshan.

On piercings

“I got my piercing 5 years ago, on Youth Day (was 23 at the time). Went into the piercing shop in work pin stripe suit and asked for a piercing 'there'. They were only mildly surprised & then continued on in a professional manner. I will admit that when your 'boytjie' knows that you're about to put a ruddy big needle through it goes into survival mode & tries to hide up inside. Not my proudest man moment. 2 Seconds of pain later & it was done.

I was tender about the man region for a further 2 weeks (including a rather awkward mild injury incident involving a loofah sponge thing) and since then I haven't looked back. 90% of the partners I have been with really enjoy it, 99% are intrigued. And no, there are never issues with condoms breaking. The balls on the ends are round and have no cutting edge,” says Igor.

On home remedies for heartburn

“One teaspoon of Cayenne pepper with warm water is my best bet . I burns or stings a bit  however it works ,” says Khanyisile.

“When I was pregnant with my son (he is now 12 years old!!) – in my fourth month I started getting really intense heartburn. I was already having a miserable pregnancy – with a lot of nausea and queasiness and being unable to eat a lot of food.  I survived on cheese sandwiches and bananas for most of the second and third trimester,” says Fathima.

On raw diets

“I began a raw diet about 6 weeks ago.  I have to say I’m not convinced it’s right for me.  I’ve gained 5 lbs and actually have less energy than I did before.  I was on a non-fat Vegan diet prior and since going raw, I’ve incorporated raw nuts and seeds.  I believe this is the cause of the weight gain but have been told by many that raw nuts and seeds and healthy oils don’t cause weight gain,” says Melynda.

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