20 December 2011

Top 10 Health24 stories

From Navy SEALS, the Power Balance bracelet scam, dog food and signs of health: Health24's top 10 stories are certainly versatile.


 Fitness, sex, lifestyle and pure health: these seem to be the main categories of the top 10 health stories on Health24 during 2011. But there are also one or two very unexpected stories among our winners for the year.

9 signs of a healthy guy

Clearly guys take their health seriously. This story, that highlighted nine signs that a guy could be given a clean bill of health, is in our top slot.

The A – Z of sore throat

I did say there were a few surprises. This clocked in at slot number 2. There must be some very sore throats out there. Maybe they are just parched.

Symptoms and phases of HIV infection and Aids

In a country with sky-high HIV and Aids stats, it is fully understandable that people would want solid health information on this topic. They clearly found it on Health24 in this section.

Interesting facts about sleep

Stories on sleep are always popular. Is it because sleep is in itself such a mysterious thing, or because South Africans might just be sleep-deprived?

Power Balance bracelet scam unraveled

This hoax bracelet hit the country by storm – and just about every single person who  bought one must have read this article.

What is motor neuron disease?

When Joost van der Westhuizen was diagnosed with this condition, everyone wanted to find out more about it.

Sick leave myths busted

Should your employer give you sick leave? When do you need a doctor's certificate? How many days per year are you entitled to? This article clarified the issues.

What's up with morning glory?

No surprises at all to see this one among the top 10 stories for the year.

Food not to feed your dog

It seemed to come as a surprise to many users that there are many foods we eat that are in fact bad for their dogs.  It's not a good idea for your doggies to share your diet.

What it takes to be a Navy SEAL

When Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan earlier this year, the Navy SEALs carried out the operation. This takes a look at what it takes to become one.

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(Compiled by Susan Erasmus, Health24, December 2011)




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