15 June 2010

The correct medicine

The best way to take testosterone, sharing medication with your pet and trying to keep health costs down - the Pharmacist answers your questions.

We’ve come a long way from the days of aspirin and home remedies, as a visit to any local chemist will attest. There are multiple brands and forms of medicine for nearly every condition – without the help of a professional you could easily mix and match the wrong things.

Ask a professional
Maybe you’ve found some medication at the back of the bathroom cabinet and you can’t remember what it was for, or you may be wondering if fat-burning tablets exist. Perhaps, like this person, you want to know how to get rid of a wart or how to improve the appetite of a fussy 4-year-old - who better to answer all these questions than the Pharmacist?

It’s not just about the science
Finding ways to keep costs down is a priority for everyone, so whether it’s finding the cheapest generic or the most economic form of a specific treatment, the Pharmacist can help.

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(Joanne Hart, updated June 2010)


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