Updated 18 September 2013

New smoking guidelines: what our users say

This is what our users had to say about the new smoking guidelines.

This week South Africa‘s smokers and non-smokers took part in a heated debate as Dr Aaron Motsoaledi is proposing to tighten the country’s smoking laws.

This is what they had to say:

Gina Moolman :   I am a smoker and am pissed off for the following reason: Stop looking at the smokers. Look at the crime in this country. Bring back the death penalty.

Lenette Venter:  I am all for tighter smoking restrictions to force uncaring smokers to be more considerate and responsible.  It may be a personal and private health issue, but with long term economical, medical and social consequences.  Nobody operates in isolation.  Both my neighbours (on either side) smoke outside in the front and back yards.  

The stench comes over the boundary walls (1.6m) and even in through my open windows closest to the fence.  How far away is air pollution affecting/detrimental to other people around a smoker?  Have tests been done to establish a safe distance?  Or is it a matter of if you can smell it, it will affect you adversely?   Most annoying to run and close windows to prevent people I cannot even see, from polluting the bedrooms.

Glynis Tomsett: Yes, smokers pollute clean air. Am sick and tired of walking through a smoke haze at entrances to buildings and where I work! People smoke just outside doorways not right. Impose heavy fines and find ways to enforce this please.

Beverley-Anne : This is not acceptable - maybe the minister should worry more about the crime, rape, theft, and murder and random killings in South Africa.  In addition what about the drugs that are being sold here openly and freely that is killing people and children. 

But hey that is OK as I am sure they are getting a kick back from the drug dealers.  Watch the police how they collect money from the drug dealers each week.  But how silly of me, of course hard core drugs are ok.  


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