Updated 01 August 2014

Why you might be single

MatchVIP are introducing a fresh way for singles to meet. They get to know individuals properly beforehand to avoid disastrous dates.

Joburg-based company MatchVIP identified a gap in the "singles" market.

With attitudes towards dating and dating services changing, they are introducing a fresh way for singles to meet potential love interests. Instead of sending individuals on numerous inappropriate dates, the cupids at MatchVIP get to know individuals properly before they embark on a search for prospective partners.

Men are looking for women who are attractive, intelligent and have a sense of humour. Eskom employees have the most money and ladies prefer a tall man who acts cool and confident. These are some of the curious findings shared by MatchVIP, a professional dating service which guide men and women through the matchmaking process.

An exact science

"Contrary to popular belief, love is an exact science," according to Bonita Erasmus, owner of MatchVIP. Erasmus is a modern matchmaker who, with the help of technology and a dose of professional and personal analysis, assist well-matched individuals to find each other in real life.

This is not online dating, assures Erasmus, but a systematic approach to dating which introduces suitable partners to each other. "About 60% of the people who make contact with us have tried online dating, with absolutely no success. The rest would never even consider going online – what we offer is something completely different, safer and more effective."

For those seeking everlasting love, the journey is as easy as it is exciting. With a network of singles on their books, MatchVIP can reveal exactly what makes a man and woman click on a first date. 

Women more forgiving

Some of the data reveals that, in contrast to their male counterparts, women are less intrigued by looks – instead they prefer their companions to be confident, caring and successful. And these criteria are apparently not met by engineers, who, according to MatchVIP statistics, are also the worst paid professionals in the country.

Ladies seduced by status should rather cast their net in the banking and investment pool, where professionals’ payslips add up to a more appealing scenario.

It is a fact: men judge looks above anything else – only 22% of men would consider dating an overweight female. Women, by contrast, are more forgiving, with 59% of them willing to date a man with a "boep".

It seems, though, that not every member of the fairer sex is emancipated: 91% of women are concerned with the earnings of a possible partner (compared to 53% of men). Only 19% of women are willing to ditch the platforms and stick to flat heels – the rest insist on dating someone taller than themselves.

Considering quitting your studies? Think again. This might be seriously detrimental to your future relationship status: 48% of singles will only date someone with some form of post high school qualification and 7% will only date someone with a degree.

As if there aren’t enough reasons to quit smoking, MatchVIP highlights another motive to kick the habit: 59% of singles will not date a smoker.

Dating another race

Other interesting findings reveal that 24% of singles would consider dating someone from another race and that 72% would consider dating someone from another religion. Worried about being single with children? Not to worry, only 16% of singles will not consider dating people with children.

Studies have shown that it is indeed possible to "die of a broken heart", which underlines how important it is to find a suitable partner – someone who won’t send your heart into cardiogenic shock.

"Finding the right partner, quickly, without unnecessary heartache will go a long way toward protecting your health," quips Erasmus, "which is why MatchVIP is at the service of singles countrywide."

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