19 August 2010

Dude, where’s my contraceptive pill?

After decades of research, why isn’t there an oral contraceptive pill for men yet?

Why isn’t there an oral contraceptive pill for men yet? Scientists have been telling us for decades that the break-through is just around the corner, just a few more years away, yet we are still only left with the condom, the vasectomy and the withdrawal method when it comes to controlling our reproductive potential. Yes, of course, there’s also abstention, but where’s the fun in that?

These days, most people, whether they’re single or in relationships, would agree that birth control, contraception and family planning are issues in which men should be as involved as women. The development of a male contraceptive pill would enable men to share a much greater part of this responsibility than they are able to right now.

  • A reluctance by pharmaceutical companies to invest in expensive research and development in the absence of a proven and profitable market.
  • Fundamental differences between the reproductive biology of men and women. Not surprisingly it turns out to be much harder to keep a lid on the 1000 sperm cells which the average man produces every second and releases in batches of around 120 million per ejaculation than it is to defuse the single egg a woman generates once a month.


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