23 June 2010

Divorce is complicated

Stuck in a bad marriage that's getting worse and you don't know what to do? Speak to the experts for advice on how to make this difficult process a little easier.

Weddings, although very expensive and draining to arrange, are generally cause for celebration. But, a certain percentage of marriages end in divorce, and the legal unbundling of a marital union is a costly process, both financially and emotionally.

By the time a couple has reached the stage of "I don't", there is usually far more at stake than just returning the wedding presents. The Family law expert gives advice on legal issues, while the Divorce expert is standing by to give guidance on how to minimise emotional damage for families who are going through a divorce.

The worst part can often be the feeling of isolation, and the Divorce support forum is a good place to chat with others who are experiencing the same situation. And for those who feel as if they are on the brink, there's the Marriage support forum – sometimes it just takes a kind word and a little understanding.

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(Joanne Hart, Health24,  April 2010)


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