Updated 18 September 2015

Think twice about that tattoo

Whether you consider it art or mutilation, body piercing and tattooing have become extremely popular, especially among the young.


But those who are considering it should think carefully, both body piercing and tattooing could be risky.

The skin could be damaged, scarred or the wounds can become infected if someone who is not trained in that field, does the tattoo.

Take action:

 - Remember there are no hard-and-fast guarantees of safety , so weigh up the pros and cons carefully before you make a final decision.

- Talk to a few people that have already had the type of piercing or tattoo you are considering and ask them about their experiences, the costs, the pain, and the healing time.

- Ensure that you have good after-care with your tattoo artist or piercer after the procedure.

- Consult your doctor if your tattoo or piercing becomes red, hot and painful, or produces a creamy yellow or greenish discharge.

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