Updated 18 September 2015

Perfect the art of flirting

Did you know that 55% of the impression we make depends on our body language, 38% on the tone, speed and inflection of our voice and only 7% from what we are actually saying?


 Learn how to flirt – and kiss your single status goodbye.

Take action:

 - Avoid a cheesy pick-up line, it falls flat if the person has heard it before

- Look the person you're flirting with in the eyes, but also include the mouth and even the body

 - Subtly mirror the person's positive behaviour – when she takes a sip of her drink, you take one too (this instinctively makes the person feel that you're on the same level)

- Pay compliments, which don't sound as if you're just trying to score points

- When in a pub, club or dinner party, meet the person's eye, look down and look up again – this signals interest

- Never cross your arms – it sends a message of defensiveness, or stand-offishness; and watch those hands – fidgeting is a passion killer.

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