Updated 18 September 2015

Concerned about vaginal dryness?

Is vaginal dryness putting a damper on your sex life? It's a common condition that affects women of all ages, but it's most often associated with menopause.


Lack of regular sexual stimulation of the vagina, premature menopause or a history of irregular periods can increase your risk.

Take action:

 - Short-acting, water-based vaginal lubricants, such as KY Jelly, can be used immediately before sexual intercourse to supply moisture (petroleum-based products such as Vaseline should be avoided)

- It may also help to take a warm bath before intercourse

- Regular sexual activity can help to improve natural lubrication, and keep the vagina moist and toned

Who suffers from it?

 - Women in perimenopause and menopause

 - Women who have just given birth or breastfeeding mothers

 - Women on low dose contraceptive pills

 - Women on chemotherapy for breast cancer

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