Updated 26 October 2015

Clearing out clutter- what users say

Things that pile up in our homes, personal space and even at work can turn out of hand so quickly.

Things that pile up in our homes, personal space and even at work can turn out of hand so quickly. With some people so attached to their personal belongings they find it hard to let go of unnecessary things.

People who travel a lot often buy small customary made gifts, crafts and heritage of a specific environment. They bring it home, store it away, some even display it as remembrance.

Others just don’t have the time clear out the old as the new ones come in. Whatever the case may be, there is an emotional attachment to it. Clearing out clutter is not as easy as throwing out the dirt.

We asked our users how they cleared out their clutter. This is what they had to say:

Bhupendra Khurana:

Our mission to clear the clutter of unusable house hold items remains in force throughout the year. It gives to us immense &enviable satisfaction when more or less every in every nook and corner of our house only usable items are found lying. 

It is really a very long process and requires a good deal of determination to get rid of unusable household items. It is believed that clearing the clutter is an open invitation to fortune to every individual. In our experience it is repeatedly confirmed that if some house hold item is not used for more than 2/3 years the same will also normally not be used in the forthcoming years. So I endorse the view of the writer of the article that everybody should endeavor to clear the clutter in the house.


After winning my battle against cancer, I find it exceedingly more difficult to de-clutter.  For 3 years I went through my own personal hell and basically have moved everything that happened in that time into the deepest darkest part of my brain.  This probably means that my psyche is trying to tell me I do not want anything to do with this difficult time in my life – but why is it then so difficult to get rid of my stuff?

It’s like playing musical chairs with unwanted stuff!  I move it into box a, but then decide that box c is big enough to hold boxes a and b, etc – my latest “game” is buying the perfect storage boxes…so I now have stacks of storage boxes filled with stuff…so my initial stuff is actually generating more stuff, which all needs storage space – you see the vicious cycle that I am caught up in???

This is the problem when you get too attached to stuff or you become afraid that you might forget the story behind the stuff.  At the moment I feel safer with my clutter surrounding me, and I might even be using it as a safety net of sorts. But this also suggests that I am procrastinating and putting off the fact that I must clear out not only my stuff but also my mind.


Couldn’t resist this one while we’re on the topic of de-cluttering: Einstein once said “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, what is an empty desk a sign of?” Just wondering.


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