Updated 26 October 2017

This woman has the world's longest fingernails

Would you take up the challenge to grow your nails for more than 20 years?

It's such a schlep to constantly groom yourself, so how about not cutting your nails ever again? 

Meet Texas born Ayana Williams who started growing her nails after one of her friends challenged her to grow them longer than three inches. It's now it's more than 20 years later, and she hasn't cut her nails since that time.

A daily challenge

She currently holds the 2018 Guinness World Record for the longest nails in the world.

Williams, a nail technician herself explains how difficult it is for her to do the mundane things other people do as a matter of course.

One thing that is rather challenging is trying to pull up her pants; the rest she manages at her own pace. 

"It takes me longer than any other human being because of the length of my nails," Williams told Guinness.

Daily routine

Caring for her manual glory has become a full time job. Her daily tools consist of a special nail brush and antibacterial soap. She also regularly makes use of a nail hardener with a layer of acrylic to keep them strong.

Williams told Guinness that it takes her an entire week and two bottles of polish to keep her nails fierce.

Guinness measured her total nail length at 576.4 cm, with her thumbnails being the longest, measuring 50.8 cm and 66.04 cm.  

To avoid breakage, the nail technician stays away from doing dishes or ordinary household chores. Her nails even have a special pillow to rest on at night. 

WATCH: Ayanna speaks to Guinness World Records

Williams explains to Ripley's Believe It or Not! how she experienced life not being able to wash her own hair. 

WATCH: Ripley's Believe It or Not! Q&A with Ayanna 

Health24 gives advice on how to keep your nails fungus free:

  • Keep your nails clean and dry, especially after a bath or shower.
  • Change your socks daily, more if your feet are particularly sweaty or if you do sport.
  • Check the credibility of the salon when you go for a manicure or pedicure and ensure that sterile tools are used.
  • Never share your nail files or other manicure tools.
  • Don't ignore any sign of redness, soreness or infection on your fingers and toes.

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