Updated 02 March 2016

Rape survivor gets back on her feet

Rape crisis Change a Life initiative helped rape survivor, Fumana gain financial independence with workshops that are offered at the centre.


It takes courage from the individual, and special support to be a rape survivor like Fumana.

Fumana’s abuse took place many years ago and she carried the burden with her until she received counselling at Rape Crisis.

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Rape strips people of everything, and in many cases women aren’t able to escape their abusive situation for lack of financial independence, which is why our Change a Life project is so important – and Fumana is just one survivor who is being empowered through earning.

Change a Life is a new Rape Crisis initiative and it needs your support. We’ve already established a sewing group of which Fumana is a working, earning member.

And the vision now is to equip our newly refurbished Change a Life centre in Khayelitsha to become a mini-conference centre for local businesses, with a food garden and catering business to give training and employment to many more survivors of rape like Fumana.

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It’s a big vision and to make it a successful reality that will empower women, we need help from special people like you – with your donation.

Image: Fumana (far left) with women from the Change a Life initiative in a sewing class.

The wish list is long and varies from small items like mugs and side plates at under R20 each, through to high priced conferencing equipment, sewing materials, garden tools, and some furnishing items.

If you're willing to donate on a small or large scale in helping these women gain independence again, we encourage you to do so and share this piece with others who may also believe in survivor empowerment.

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